Be Part of Our Pamilya

    • Gain a close-knit family with FASA
    • Learn about Filipinx and Filipinx American culture alongside your peers
    • Get numerous opportunities to participate in cultural and social programming like:
      + Dance performances!
      + Cultural showcases and galas!
      + External events where you can meet Philippine Student Associations from other colleges!
      + Food events!
      + Smaller sub-communities through our FASA Family Program (think Harry Potter houses)!
      + Even smaller, close-knit groups through our Kapatid Program!

    How to Join

      • If you’re completely new to FASA, fill out our New Member Interest Form! You’ll get access to FASA newsletters with the latest events and programming information. One of our board members will reach out to you accordingly.
      • Anyone is welcome to come to our events, regardless of official membership! Check out our upcoming events page for more information.

    You can also become an official FASA member by filling out our Paid Membership Form and paying a yearly membership due of $15.

    Benefits of paid membership include:

    • Discounted admissions to FASA events like PCN
    • Discounts at participating Ann Arbor businesses
    • Eligibility to participate in member-specific FASA activities such as performances, external events, and LinkedIn photoshoots

    Join !

    Click below to fill out the new member interest form!